There’s Something About Big Sur… — roads bel travelled

Have you ever wanted to just get in your car and drive without a destination in mind? It’s been a while since I did that and I sure miss it terribly. I’m a planner simply because I cannot afford unnecessary expenses. Sometimes I wish I could just pack my bags and be a nomad. Forever […]

There’s Something About Big Sur… — roads bel travelled

Tips for this trip:

1. Make sure you have enough gas in your car. Fill it up before you reach Big Sur.

2. Drive carefully. There are a lot of accidents that happen because of the narrow and winding roads filled with amazing views. It’s quite tempting to not focus on driving which is definitely a no-no.

3. Wear comfortable sneakers or running shoes. You’ll be doing lots of hiking and walking. Sometimes even on sand!

4. Bring a camera.

5. Bring lots of food and water.

6. Bring extra pair of clothes, socks, etc.

7. Have fun and make some great memories.


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